The Absurd and Amazing Adventures of Cafe Girl: Dude...

October 26, 2006


A faux-hawk does not distract from the fact that you have a receding hairline.

From Wikipedia:

The faux-hawk or fauxhawk is a haircut similar to the Mohawk hairstyle. Hair on the top of the head is combed to resemble a small fan Mohawk. The hair on the sides of the head is not shaved, though it might be shorter.

Yes, I saw That Guy at Starbucks this morning. You know the one--in his thirties, urban, quite cute, starting to lose his hair. What a pity. That Guy could have been That Cute Guy --if only he would just embrace his balding.

But someone, somewhere has convinced this young man that a faux-hawk is the remedy to hide balding. So here he is. Standing in a Starbucks, ordering coffee, with a shock of hair standing about 3 inches high, and 3 inches back from where a faux-hawk should have started.

Oh dear...

Friend, taking what's left of your hair and making it into the "hot new style" really doesn't help the fact that you're balding. It just makes it that much sadder. Get a crew cut. Trust me on this one.

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