The Absurd and Amazing Adventures of Cafe Girl: Summer lingers on...

October 3, 2006

Summer lingers on...

Last night, it thundered and hailed.

Like two little kids, my room mate and I crouched by the large window in our living room, watching as pea-sized hail fell from the sky and pelted our window sill. It rained for hours.

It was 80 degrees and muggy today, although it's already October. Summer seems to want to hold on just a few moments longer, linger for just a few more days. The weather is mirroring my own reluctance to let summer go. Oh please, oh please, I want to beg, just let me play for a few more weeks. Let me wear my little dresses, run around in my flip flops, take long walks by the lake, watch the water as it glistens in the morning light. And, as if God has heard my cry, it continues to be warm and muggy, even though the leaves are turning and falling to the ground.

I'm not fully sure what was so magical about this past summer that I'm having such a hard time shifting gears into the Fall. This summer actually wasn't all that exciting. I worked 12 hour days a lot, spent many days in the office. In fact, I think I saw the inside of the office much more than I saw the beach.

I think it's just the idea of summer I love so much. Everything is relaxed. No one is on a schedule. The days are long, giving the impression that you have all the time in the world to do whatever you want. Spontenaeity flourishes in the summer.

Does anyone else out there miss summer already?

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