The Absurd and Amazing Adventures of Cafe Girl: I Think I Found Where All The Christian Singles Are

November 18, 2006

I Think I Found Where All The Christian Singles Are


Apparently between the 42% of us that are having "me" time, and the other 12% that are going to bed early, over half of Christian Singles are spending Friday nights alone.
This poll actually answers the common questions many Christian Singles have such as:
Where are all the single, Christian, men/women? Apparently having quality time--by themselves.
Is everyone having fun without me? Well... no.
Is everyone dating but me? Definitely not. Notice that not one of those 283 poll takers went on a date on a Friday night. It could be that Saturday night may be more of a date night for them, but I highly doubt that.
Here's a thought, a "call-to-action" if you will.

This Friday, let's all us Christian Singletons who are planning on "having a me night" or "going to bed early" (what are you, 60?), gather at the biggest Starbucks in the city where we live.

(For you Chicagoans, it would be the Starbucks on 200-230 West North Ave., right next to the Piper's Alley theater. It's a 24 hour Starbucks... )

We'll come together, chat for a bit, and bump up the "Hang out with friends" category. Hey, who knows, if we chat long enough, we might even help add to the "Go on a date" category...
Because folks, it just ain't right that 0% of Christian Singletons are dating on a Friday night. It just ain't right.

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