The Absurd and Amazing Adventures of Cafe Girl: Facebook and Me

March 15, 2008

Facebook and Me

Confession: I am a Facebook Addict
I didn’t start this way. I had a Facebook account for work purposes only. Really. I was trying to figure out how this social networking thing worked. Darn this thing called Web 2.0.

But now here I am, logging onto Facebook on a daily basis. Looking for updates, for who just became friends with whom, for the many applications out there that can tell me where I should live, what my favorite movie is and when I’m going to get married.

I loathe my addiction. You wouldn’t know it by how many times I log into Facebook in a day. I’m not proud of myself. Just like I’m not proud of myself for having a brownie smothered with ice cream at lunch.

Facebook CreepingUrban dictionary defines this as going on Facebook to look at people’s profiles, photos, their friends list and their friends’ friends lists. To be honest, I’m not quite sure what else you would use Facebook for. I believe this would qualify me as a Facebook Creeper.

If you’ve found this blog entry from my Facebook profile page, it is very likely that I’ve looked at your Profile page, seen who your friends are and how you know them, examined your pictures and judged you by your Aps. I’m also assuming you’ve done the same to me. I hope you don’t think I’m actually creepy. I promise, if you have me over to your apartment, I wouldn’t go through your medicine cabinet.

Facebook EnvyFacebook is a minefield for those who are prone to the deadly sin of envy. There’s always going to be someone who has better profile pictures, more friends and wittier status updates.

Looking at posted photographs I wonder why I don’t get invited to parties where I dance with a drink in my hand, why I don’t wander the beach in a bikini or why I don’t get flowers sent to me on Facebook or otherwise. There are good reasons why all of the above don’t happen. But that’s not what I think about as I browse Facebook – I’m too busy wondering if I stack up.

I’m also busy wondering why you have time to update your Facebook status, post news stories and accept new friends, but not answer any of my e-mails. Of course, I’m not answering your e-mails either… I’ve been sucked into a Facebook binge.

Some Facebook Statistics
Number of “Friends” on Facebook: 73
Number of Actual Friends I Keep in Touch with on a Regular Basis: 3
Most Bizarre Friend Request: Animation Magazine

Number of Applications Sent to me by “Friends”: Countless
Number of Applications Accepted: 3
Number of Applications I’ve Sent: 1 – by accident
Application I'm Secretly Fascinated with: When Will You Get Married -- How can you tell? Why does this Ap even exist? Actually, why do three Aps by this title exist?
Most Useful Ap So Far: Flog Blog

Number of Times I've Changed My Profile Picture: 3
Currently Profile Picture: Cartoon of me

Something About Facebook I Forget: EVERYONE in my network can see my profile page, even people I don’t know

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