The Absurd and Amazing Adventures of Cafe Girl: Some Benefits of Grief

May 13, 2009

Some Benefits of Grief

Since food is no longer a staple but an afterthought, the Zingers you eat out of the office vending machine won't go straight to your belly.

Since make up is no longer a priority, your skin will remain irritant free.

Your musical memory will be surprisingly accute. Songs you've only heard once will suddenly bring you to tears.

Everyone will leave you alone because you look like you're going to burst into tears at any moment.

The couch will be the place you sit, eat and sleep. Which is good because you don't quite have the energy to clean the rest of your apartment anyway.

You will have bursts of energy lasting approximately 15-20 mintues at a go. Make use of them. It is the thing that is standing between having a job and being fired.

Strangely enough, your boobs will look bigger and your legs will look longer. You're not sure why that is, but you're going to take this physical oddity as a gift.

See, there are some benefits to grief, afterall.

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