The Absurd and Amazing Adventures of Cafe Girl: This Singleton's Prayer

October 24, 2009

This Singleton's Prayer

Dear God,

I'm extremely grateful for this season of singleness. This season discovering who you made me to be, this season to have freedom to experience the many adventures you have put in my way, to have these adventures completely alone, unfettered by responsibilities of husband and children.

I'm even grateful for the learning lessons in dating. Lessons in forgiveness, grace, and keeping one's tongue in check. As I have dated, I have also learnt so much about what I want in a husband. "Not an ass," for example, has emerged high on the list, as has "actually likes me as a person."

So for everything You have done in my singleness and for everything You will be doing, I give great thanks.

But, if you will hear one complaint of mine.

There are enough factors keeping me single, some circumstantial, some purely of my own doing, that I really don't need an inexplicable bout of adult acne as yet another factor. My face has exploded like a teenager. As I sit here, I can actually feel new pimples sprouting. How, in my thirties, I can have acne more severe than I've ever had in my life is confounding. Is it a changing body chemistry? Hormones? Some strange side effect of the depression? My body's way of making sure I never get sex?

Lord, this is Los Angeles, the land of "there has to be something better." People here get their faces replaced. But I have chosen to serve You. To try and have a healthy perspective about physical attractiveness, to not judge someone simply based on appearances. To try and be beautiful on the inside, to have my self-esteem based on you.

But could you give your precious daughter a helping hand here by not making this any harder than it has to be? Adult acne does not help. No matter how confident, how self-assured, how faithful I am, my Pizza Face makes me feel small, insecure, like.. well, a teenager.

You were there when I was a teenager, Lord. It wasn't pretty. I was fat, I was pimply, and for about a year, I looked like a boy. It was miserable.

So, if you will Lord, can you heal this acne? You've made the lame to walk again, caused the blind to see, raised the dead. Please Lord, just clear my face.

In Jesus Name, Amen.


Elizabeth said...

I am sure you are gorgeous...LA heat, job stress and some sweets are the cause of this teenage rebirth. Clear skin is on its way shortly.

And I love your Facebook pic!

freespiritdvm said...

While I'm sure Elizabeth means well, I don't think any of those reasons are why you are having acne right now...well, ok maybe stress. But I can't tell you how many of my friends, and myself included, suffered from acne breakouts worse in their 30's than they ever dealt with in their teen years.

In high school I just washed my face with whatever facewash was on sale, now I have a full regime. And what's worse, apparently 30 yr old skin doesn't heal as well, it scars.

Honey, I pray that your request for relief from those painful little volcanoes is answered quickly, but know you are not alone, nor are you any less attractive because of it.