The Absurd and Amazing Adventures of Cafe Girl: Road Trip, Anyone?

December 7, 2009

Road Trip, Anyone?

For my birthday in December, I am contemplating a road trip down or up the coast.

I am one of those rare breeds of people that really like driving. And the thought of driving on the coast for a few days by myself sounds like heaven to me. I'd take lots of pictures, find quirky and random sights to visit, try new foods, and blog. This is just the fodder I need for Absurd and Amazing Adventures.

The thought makes my heart beat a little faster, my stomach flutter, and my wicked side want to come out.

So, any suggestions on where to go along the West Coast between the week of Christmas and New Year? It has to be drivable, and the trip would have to be between three and five days.

Oh, I'm turning 32, by the way, so any suggestions that would add significance to turning 32 would be greatly appreciated.

Best suggestions get a prize, yet to be revealed. And I'm not kidding about that.

Here's the song that inspired the idea of the road trip. Maybe it will inspire you.


David said...

With a trip length of 3-5 days you could drive to anywhere between here and the Missippippi. You'd want to keep to Southern locations with low altitude unless you don't mind the snow and putting chains on. Route 66 I hear is some historic driving. You could recreate the itinerary of the movie "Roadtrip." I wonder where Mt. Rushmore is? Grand Canyon is an option. Corpus Christy (?) in Texas maybe? Anywhere that you don't have to cross the Rockies, I suppose. Canada's out. Oregon's out - chain requirements. Mexico's out - civil war. Pretty much leaves Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

freespiritdvm said...

Why even leave the state. Cali has 600+ miles you can drive up and down, and truly some of the most breathtaking scenery. My favorite road trip is straight up PCH/ HWY1. You can do the whole drive LA to SF in ~10 hrs, but you would miss so much cool stuff along the way.

Here is just a short list of things do and see along the way:

Santa Barbara
--Santa Barbara Zoo (cute, nice exhibits and free!)
--Santa Barbara Mission

--eat ableskiver and other danish delights

Pismo Beach
--Vistit the candy store downtown

Avila Beach
--Grab some ice cream and the General store

San Luis Obisbo
--make sure to check out the Madonna Inn

Cambria/San Simeon
--Hearst Castle
--the elephant seal haul out

Big Sur
--Art and camping in the Redwood (though it may be a bit wet and cold right now)

--it like taking a stroll through a Thomas Kinkade painting

Pacific Grove
--Pebble Beach if you're into golf at all

--the Aquarium (one of the Best in the country, if not the world)
--Kayak Elkhorn Slough, and get up close and personal with some sea otters

Santa Cruz
--UC Santa Cruz
--Banana slugs

Half-Moon Bay
--Mavericks. Surf UP!

--The Golden Gate bridge
--Union Square
--China Town
--Ghiridellis Square
--Fisherman's Wharf

Sausalito/ San Rafeal
--Mt. Tamapalais/ Muir Woods
--Fresh Oysters

Stinson Beach

Point Reyes Stations
--Simply Beautiful

From here you can either continue up the coast to Bodega Bay (see where the birds was filmed) and Mendocino (drive thru a redwood tree)...or you can swing over to the 101 and go wine tasting in the Napa Valley. And better yet you can come visit ME. [I'll let you pet a cheetah ;)]

Happy driving, safe travels and happy birthday.