The Absurd and Amazing Adventures of Cafe Girl: Call and Response

March 10, 2010

Call and Response

I've had quite a few of you comment via Facebook on yesterday's blog post. For this I'm immensely grateful. It's always a risk to open up my heart about something as intimate as the desire for marriage. I may have referenced this qualm in Let's Talk About Dating, but I do have a fear (probably irrational) that the moment I say, "I would like to be married" I get labelled as desperate and out to trap the first man that comes my way. So, thank you for your encouraging feedback. It makes me feel that my struggle is normal, and dare I say, common among Singletons.

After writing yesterday's post, I woke up in the morning trying to come up with thinking aid that would help me when I was feeling despondent about being single. Rather than go into the pit of hopelessness, I wanted to have a picture, or a thought I could hold on to about where the husband-to-be was, and maybe what he was doing right now. This is what came to mind:

I'd like to think that the husband-to-be is at Bob's Big Boy eating a cheeseburger and drinking a milkshake. Maybe he has an order of onion rings too, I don't know. Nonetheless, it's just a very simple image that's just quirky enough to make me smile and lift my hope.

It's also a good answer to have on hand when, as a Singleton, you inevitably get THIS question, "Why aren't you married yet?"

Now I have an easy answer, "He's not here right now. He's at Bob's Big Boy."

It's also a great answer to have when the Enemy tries to attack you and says, "Why DON'T you have someone to be with? What's wrong with you?"

The answer is simple, "He's on his way. He's just at Bob's Big Boy right now."

Bob's Big Boy works for me because a. I'm random and quirky, and b. I really like cheeseburgers and onion rings.

Now, I turn the question to you. In your head, where is your husband (or wife)-to-be and what is he (or she) doing right now?

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David said...

Sleeping. She is sleeping. Which is what I need to be doing. Darn you Flight of the Conchords!