The Absurd and Amazing Adventures of Cafe Girl: Wee Flirting And Is This Microwave Safe?

October 11, 2006

Wee Flirting And Is This Microwave Safe?

My Office Adventure Buddy suggested that I make a WeeMee for my Cross Country Office Crush and send it to him in an e-mail.

Cross Country Office Crush, as his name suggests, lives on the other side of the country. He does work in an office. An office, in fact, that is part of my company. And I do have a nominal, recreational crush on the man. On paper, we both work for the same client. In practice, I hardly ever get a chance to work with him. I've met him twice--both times he seemed a little shy. Either that or I really frightened him.

But I think there's a little fun in the guy yet. The very few times we've exchanged non-work related Instant Messages, we've talked about... er... mini bars, hookers, and erm... amateur adult movie making. Hmm... that didn't sound very good, did it? They were perfectly innocent conversations, I promise.

Tonight, I finally tried to make The Crush a WeeMee. The slightly funny, slightly sad thing was that I had to pull out a group photo with The Crush in it to refresh my memory of what he looks like. These days, I can barely remember what I look like, much less a man I last saw over two months ago.

I did finish the WeeMee though, and added a light, fun message in the e-mail. But when I hit send, I got an error page! I was incredulous, an error page?

I hit send again and the same thing... error page. Arghs. Thwarted. Or maybe it was The Almighty trying to tell me it's probably a very bad idea to send flirty messages, no matter how innocent, via inter-office e-mail. Maybe this is one of those things that needs to go on the Good In Theory, Bad In Practice list.

On a totally different note...I spend a lot of time these days checking to see if my dishware is microwave safe.

Very important: Starbucks travel mugs are not microwave safe. Tupperware is microwave safe, metal bakeware is not.

I guess I'm not the only person around that wants to know what's microwave safe. is a site owned by a few guys who have dismantled a microwave and wired it with a camera to see what happens with stuff in a microwave. The site contains videos of a variety of things being microwaved--from CDs, to condiments, to grapes, to Peeps. Their Peeps clip was featured on the Home Page of Yahoo! recently. It sent so many visitors to that the site crashed. Talk about absurd and amazing.

Alright, I know that everyone's dying to know what happens when you microwave Peeps. So, here it is: Peeps In A Microwave

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