The Absurd and Amazing Adventures of Cafe Girl: Absurd Adventures With Hair

November 5, 2006

Absurd Adventures With Hair

Two weeks ago, I dyed my hair back to it's natural black. It caused quite a little stir everywhere I went. Most of my friends haven't seen me with natural hair color in almost two years. Many of my colleagues had a hard time picking me out of a crowd or at a distance.

This was all very amusing until Really Hot Guy saw me. Yes, Really Hot Guy is exactly just that, incredibly hot, and a guy. I know him slightly and, as far as I can tell, he's a nice guy. But because he's so good-looking, I can't really look him in the eye much. And that's really my problem, not his.

Anyway, Really Hot Guy saw me coming, stopped in his tracks and said, with slight amazement, "You changed the color of your hair."

"Yeah," I replied casually, with a smile, "It was time."

"It's all dark now," he said. Then, out of nowhere, he stepped in close, reached out his hand and stroked my hair.

I froze, smile and everything. And here's what went through my head:

"Really Hot Guy is stroking my hair. REALLY HOT GUY IS STROKING MY HAIR! Wait a minute, why is Really Hot Guy stroking my hair?"

And then Really Hot Guy turned and left me standing there, holding a cup of coffee, my metaphorical chin on the metaphorical floor.

Now, I am no prude. I have no objection to a little fun and a little flirting. In fact, this scene could have been straight out of one of those chick-in-the-city novels. And honestly, when Really Hot Guy touched my hair I felt, ever so slightly, a tingle.

None of this is really any problem except for the following: Really Hot Guy has a girlfriend. Really Hot Guy lives with said girlfriend. I think Really Hot Guy is about to propose to his girlfriend.

And that does present a logic disconnect. Since Really Hot Guy is attached, I have to assume that he really did not mean to make an advance. On the other hand, did I miss the memo that hair stroking has now become the acceptable form of greeting between acquaintances? Is this like the next stage of the kiss on the cheek hello?

I am also suspicious: Does The Girlfriend know that Really Hot Guy is going around stroking strange women's hair?

Unless, of course, I've stumbled into some twilight zone where really cute guys find me infinitely touchable. If such a zone indeed exists, I have no objections to a one-way ticket and a piece of real estate there.

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