The Absurd and Amazing Adventures of Cafe Girl: Adventures in Outdoor Education

June 16, 2008

Adventures in Outdoor Education

Apparently, I’m outdoorsy now.

Any one of you who knew me in Singapore and Chicago can pick yourself up off the floor and stop laughing. Yes, I am outdoorsy now.

Do you know how I know I am outdoorsy? I went into an Adventure 16 this weekend. Sure, going to an outdoor gear store does not necessarily make me outdoorsy per se. But renting rock climbing shoes from one does.

Adventure 16 wasn’t as intimidating as I feared. No one was standing by the door checking my outdoorsy-ness quotient. No one seemed to suspect that I used to declare, “I don’t like outside.” Sales people helped me find the world’s smallest pair of climbing shoes (I have small feet) and guided me on how they should fit. One of them told me that Tick Rock, my next climbing venue, was one of her first outdoor climbs.

In fact, they were so helpful that they didn’t laugh at me when I asked them what a bear canister was. I saw them on the list of items you can rent at Adventure 16.

Much to my disappointment, bear canisters do not actually contain bears. I was secretly hoping a bear canister would be something that you could open and bears would come popping out. Afterall, if you are touting adventure, what would be more of an adventure than a can full of bears?

But alas, no.

Curious about a bear canister actually is? Click on this: Not A Can Full Of Bears

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