The Absurd and Amazing Adventures of Cafe Girl: Random Thoughts

January 17, 2009

Random Thoughts

Two weeks into the new year and I have yet to cobble together a thought to share. Not that I haven't had thoughts, mind you -- my head is full of thoughts. But, like those soap bubbles small children blow on a sunny day, my thoughts float, catch the light, then quickly dissipate before I can grasp them.

In lieu of any coherent thoughts, here are some random ones that perhaps will give you an insight into how my year has been going so far:

Memories are a gem. Memories are a bitch.

Some words will make my heart stop -- this is not a bad thing.

Whoever said there's no difference between running 14 miles and 18 miles lied.

Romance, as I've always suspected, doesn't lie in the lavish but rather in simplicity.

God isn't slow to fulfill His promises. He isn't slow to tell you what His promises are either.

Sexy isn't a look, it's a feeling.

I'm not "just crazy" -- there are perfectly good reasons why I'm insane.

It's taken me a long time to come to this, but I believe my season of singleness was God appointed and extremely fruitful. I'm reaping the benefits even in this season of dating. Call me crazy, but I wouldn't have traded those 10 years for the world.

Men and women are very different -- for which I am grateful.

I'm going to have to work on forgiving this year. Oh what fun.

I don't need a man to open the door for me, but it is much noticed and even more appreciated. You have no idea how much.

I suspect that when I leave for work each morning, my stuffed animals get together and play.... or plot, I'm not sure which.

No matter how many people protest, I will continue to add "y" to words and use them in a sentence.

I believe that at the end of the day the wheat will be separated from the chaff.

For time to be my best friend, I will need patience. To have patience, I will need God.

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Elizabeth said...

Hi Sweet Girl,
I MISS YOU! Your race is around the corner...and sadly, I have run hardly a step since my half. Need to work on that.

We most definitely need to find a time to catch up. Let me know when you are free. My minutes have been eaten by the wedding monster, but my weekends are full of lovely free minutes :)

Love and miss you dearly.