The Absurd and Amazing Adventures of Cafe Girl: New Skin

September 3, 2009

New Skin

After much trial and error, I believe I've found the blog template I really love. It's colorful. It looks like a notebook, and feels very much like me. It's new skin for a new era, I suppose.

Absurd and Amazing Adventures is about to turn three years old. And I am pondering giving it a little play mate. Like any parent of an only child, I wonder, if I have another one, will my baby feel neglected? Will I have time to tend to the needs of my first born? My attentions will inevitably be split between the two -- what if I love one baby more than the other?

The new baby is still in the conception stage. Thankfully, conceiving of and birthing a new blog is much less challenging than conceiving an actual child. First of, you don't need a mate to conceive a blog, and a blog isn't going to grow up and go into therapy because of your parenting skills (or there lackof). However, as with bringing anything new into this world, birthing a new blog deserves some careful consideration.

So stay tuned... there might be something in the works very soon.

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