The Absurd and Amazing Adventures of Cafe Girl: Wedding Post - Oldie But Goodie

January 15, 2010

Wedding Post - Oldie But Goodie

I'm off to Austin this weekend to stand up in a wedding of a dear, former room mate. We lived together my senior year of college and boy did we have some adventures, all absurd and amazing.

It's been a long journey, but she's finally found her one. And I get to stand alongside her in agreement as she pledges her love and commitment for this young man in front of God and loved ones. It's an honor - one I truly treasure.

But for Singletons like me, ridiculous and looking for the funny, weddings are fraught with both consternation and comedy. There's a whole range of fears that remain unspoken - am I going to be as pretty as the other bridesmaids? Is my dress going to snap as I walk down the aisle? Will I be asked to dance?

There's also potential for a lot of comedic absurdity. The dress fits like a glove and makes my girls look big and perky - but I have to sit up really straight and can't bend at the waist. I've been told there is Trouble, lovely and Texan, amongst the Groomsmen. Half of our bridal party is single and all of us are lookers. It's like a bad romantic comedy waiting to happen. And part of me kind of hopes it does happen.

In the spirit of good fun, loud laughs, and secret fears, I'm reviving an old post about weddings from three years ago that still makes me laugh today.

Form Letter To Single Wedding Guests

Enjoy. Hopefully, I'll come back from this weekend with adventures to tell.

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