The Absurd and Amazing Adventures of Cafe Girl: You and I

January 22, 2010

You and I

You write lovely notes, but live too far away.
You live around the corner, but can't see I exist.
You are much too old; you are way too young.
You call me sweetheart but then stand me up.
You say you want to talk, but then you make me wait, not hours, not days, but weeks.
You compliment and flirt and then just disappear.
You are too cute for my good.
You say you care but then break my heart.
You are trouble, trouble, trouble with a capital T.

But lest you ever forget...

I get to choose whether or not I pick you.
I decide how near or far you come from.
I hear your sweet nothings, but don't think I'll buy them.
I won't wait one minute longer than I want to.
I give you permission to make the next move.
I know that it's my personality that's going to take me the distance.
I stand by my word, and my word today is "No."
I am trouble, trouble, trouble in ALL CAPS.

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