The Absurd and Amazing Adventures of Cafe Girl: Will Warm In The Afterlife

March 22, 2011

Will Warm In The Afterlife

I have a confession. One of the blogs that I read (and I won't tell you which one), which is supposed to be an anonymous blog, has intersected with my real life. I've read this blog for almost two years now, and through some random, twist of social circles, the blogger is now in my social community.

I won't tell you how I found out said blogger writes said blog. Suffice to say, it involved some social networking site unnamed, and some detective work on my part. Also of note - I probably have way too much time on my hands.

But I find myself wondering now... am I going to make it onto this blog? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have now become one of those people who think others write about them.

As I'm trying to gain blogersphere stardom in my twisted, juvenile way, I started to think about what it would take for someone to have an appearance on my blog.

For the most part, as you know, I almost NEVER verbatim, talk about a particular event or any place I've been to. I've pledged to keep the dating specifics off of the Internets out of sheer respect. And I've for the most part tried not to bitch about conflict on this blog.

I have decided, however, there are three things that could possibly make me blog about you. You would have done any ONE of the following:

#1 You have angered me.
#2 You have pleased me.
#3 You have made me think.

I almost threw in #4, which was - you brought me a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting, but I think that's way too easy.

In any case, I'm sort of on a warped quest to see if I can make it into this anonymous blogger's blog. I don't know if her criteria for writing about someone is the same as mine. But I guess I could try any and all of the three things I listed and see what happens.

It's awful, but it's sort of a challenge. I will probably go to hell for this, but as my dear friend from Chicago pointed out - this may not be the reason I burn in hell, but it certainly warrants a little bit of warming in the afterlife.

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